2D Illustrations

Chocolate Dragon!

Practicing painting metal with a steel Steelix!

I saw Frozen and really loved it, so here's some art work inspired by Elsa, I thought it would be interesting if she developed fire powers when enraged!

The Queen of Spades.

An idea I had for a multiplayer bomberman style game for mobile. The story of the game is that a crazy witch casts a spell over Candy Land where the candy animals lived. The spell turns their buildings into meat and their goal is to blow up the meat with candy bombs, which turn them back in candy.

Practicing some painting and landscape art, the piece was inspired by the sunset in London the other day! I also wanted to finally try drawing a fruit animal, an idea I had a while back.

Dragon designs:

I was reading a book that had some little dragon descriptions in it and it inspired me to design and paint some of them.

Mini concepts for games:

I've been visualizing some mini game ideas. Below is one where you achieve high scores by tapping and popping the little characters as they appear from their various hiding places. They're are quite small and somewhat camouflaged so you have to look around carefully to spot them!

Here is another illustration of the same concept:

'After him!!!' A game I art directed at the London 2013 Gamecraft event and worked with a team of 5 to ensure its completion within the deadline of 11 hours! Defined the style and created all of the characters within this time and they're shown below. The game won the award for 'best team effort' and 'best artwork'.

At the event, we were given a theme to base our games off, which was - 'impact of prism'. We decided to go with the surveillance camera side of that theme, which is why the game is about a camera following a person who is trying to get away. We also add a multiplayer aspect where the second player can slow down the main player.

The controls are:
Up arrow - main player to jump across the platforms
Space bar - second player to fire objects that slow the first player down.

The game can be played at:

Screenshot from game, background created by Alex Gough.

Something fun and stylised:

Concept art of the eagle from the myth Prometheus.

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